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Get Started

Since you ended up here, you probably agree that Rust is potentially an ideal language for Game Development.

Its emphasis on low-level memory safe programming promise a better development process, less debugging time, and better end result.

While the ecosystem is still very young, you can find enough libraries and game engines to sink your teeth into doing some slightly experimental gamedev.

If you haven't learned Rust yet, maybe take a look at Resources first. If you are already proficient with Rust you might want to start with Ecosystem, News or Chat.


The main meeting places for people doing gamedev in Rust are on the IRC channel and the #gamedev channel on the community-run Discord server.

Many libraries have their own lively gitter chats, which you can find in their descriptions.

Also see the subreddit.


The latest Rust gamedev news are available at: the subreddit, the monthly newsletter, and the @rust_gamedev Twitter feed.



Network shooter with physics and destructions
Zone of Control
A turn-based hexagonal strategy game
A-life simulator sandbox
Open-world exploration game with plants. Everything is procedurally generated
Rust Doom
A Doom Renderer written in Rust
A Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld-like game written in Rust
Online multiplayer sandbox space ship combat game
A simple Minecraft written in Rust with the Piston game engine
A Quake 3 like game with voxelized destructible maps
A toy game in Rust, using Piston. The code is thoroughly commented in order to help people to follow it easily
A roguelike game in Rust
A game made in rust
A Snake's Tale
A (100% Rust) puzzle game about snakes in cramped places
A new city-building game that dares to go beyond everything in its genre
A jump and bump game for two players made with ggez
A program that lets you view the world
A small 2D turn-based hexagonal tactical game made with ggez engine
A game centered around really detailed plant growth simulation
Rusty Vangers clone
A remake of the Shenzhen Solitaire variant
Rostige Schlange
Rostige Schlange ("Rusty Snake" in German apparently) is a small snake clone, using OpenGL for rendering
HyperZen Training
Experimental minimalist game with a special graphical mecanic
Astra Terra
A real-time base-building strategy game with procedurally generated worlds and an emphasis on simulation and story
Vigilant Steel
A space game using Rust & Piston
Cartoonish style racing game using Rust and OpenGL - highly experimental at its current state
An open source multiplayer voxel RPG game currently in alpha development.
Robo Instructus
A puzzle game in which players manoeuvre a robot by issuing instructions via a simple programming language
An ecosystem simulation game. Achieve the greatest possible eco-diversity without disrupting the equilibrium.
dose response
Dose Response is a roguelike game where you play an addict. Avoid the dangers threatening your mind and body while desperately looking for the next fix.
A simple 2D platformer game that demonstrates the use of two Rust crates: Gate and Collider.
Pascal Penguin
Pascal Penguin is a 2D grid-based puzzle game with levels designed around slippery ice.
Way of Rhea
A puzzle platformer that takes place in a world where you can only interact with objects that match your current color.
An RPG with turn based, tactical combat, deep character customization and an engaging storyline.
A rewrite of Blobby Volley 2 written in Rust, a blazingly fast, memory safe, thread safe language.
Stacked Worlds
A game prototype written in Rust, shows how to use specs and nphysics.
A tiled based game written in Rust, uses the Amethyst game engine!



Graphics Programmer
Writes on about Physically Based Shading and Rendering with Rust and Unity.
Backend developer and FP enthusiast
Software Engineer
Designer & Rustacean
Working with the Amethyst Engine team.
System programmer, hobby game developer
Writes turn-based games in Rust (Zemeroth atm), runs the @rust_gamedev twitter account.


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