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Entity Component Systems

For some reason there are quite a few ECS implemented in Rust, though at this point in time specs is likely the most actively worked on.



Parallel Entity-Component System. Specs is a parallel ECS in Rust. It combines the performance of the beast with the flexibility of a cat. Objectives:

  • Automatically parallelize workload, while following Rust ownership rules applied to the components.
  • Do not restrict the storage implementation for a particular component.
  • Place no constraints onto the component types themselves, allow defining them in user modules.
  • Have low overhead, high safety, and optimal ergonomics.


An Entity Component System (ECS) Framework.

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Simple, flexible, macro-free entity-component system in pure (stable!) Rust.

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A super-simple entity-component system in Rust

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An Entity Component System in Rust focusing on speed and user-friendliness

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Event driven CES framework for Rust with a macro DSL

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Tiny entity component system

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The Rust Entity Component System

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