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Almost. We have the blocks, bring your own glue.

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Get Started

Since you ended up here, you probably agree that Rust is potentially an ideal language for Game Development.

Its emphasis on low-level memory safe programming promise a better development process, less debugging time, and better end result.

While the ecosystem is still very young, you can find enough libraries and game engines to sink your teeth into doing some slightly experimental gamedev.

If you haven't learned Rust yet, maybe take a look at Resources first. If you are already proficient with Rust you might want to start with Ecosystem, or Chat.


The main meeting place for people doing gamedev in Rust is on the IRC channel

Many libraries have their own lively gitter chats, which you can find in their descriptions.

Also see the subreddit.





Game developer and Functional Programmer
Writes on about Physically Based Shading and Rendering with Rust and Unity.
Backend developer and FP enthusiast
Software Engineer


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